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Infrared optical materials

Product name: Infrared optical materials Providing quality rough infrared optical materials, such as ZnS, ZnSe, Ca..

Six lanthanum boride LaB6

Product name: Six lanthanum boride LaB6 Six best domestic production of lanthanum boride (LaB6) products, such as ..



Product name: BN BN has a high temperature, insulation, heat transfer rate of the unique nature of the field of industrial equipment has..

High evaporation boat and crucible

Product name: High evaporation boat and crucible We manufacture high evaporation crucible and the crucible, includ..

Evaporation materials Optical

Product name: Evaporation materials Optical According to a variety of different industries on the coating requirem..

Targets for display screen

Product name: Targets for display screen As technology progresses, the display is applied to more and more areas, ..

Targets for Thin-film solar

Product name: Thin-film solar More and more countries in the world aware of the need to maintain the sustainable d..

Electronics and semiconductor

Product name: Electronics and semiconductor Sputtering and evaporation materials are widely used in electronics an..

Architectural Glass

Product name: Architectural Glass Sputtering targets are widely used in large-scale architectural glass, automotive gla..

Planar target and the rotating target

Product name: Planar target and the rotating target Provide the plane rotation target up to 3.5m length and the ro..

Target Welding

Product name: Target Welding We provide high quality target welding services (bonding service). Target diameter from 10mm to..