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Titanium oxide nanometer powder Profile

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  Titanium oxide nanometer powder , aswell accepted titanium dioxide. Diameter of 100 nm or less, the artefact actualization white apart powder. Anti-line, antibacterial, self-cleaning, anti-aging backdrop anatomic fibers, plastics, press inks, coatings, paints, accomplished ceramics and added fields can be acclimated in cosmetics.

  Nano-titanium dioxide are mainly two apparent forms: anatase (anatase) and rutile (rutile). Rutile titanium dioxide anatase is aswell top for abiding and dense, with top hardness, density, dielectric connected and the refractive index, the caliginosity and blush strength.

  The anatase titanium dioxide in the arresting short-wave allotment of the reflectivity is beyond lower than rutile titanium dioxide, bluish blush and UV-absorption accommodation than rutile, photocatalytic action than the rutile. Under assertive conditions, anatase titanium dioxide rutile titanium dioxide are converted