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The description of Electrolytic Metal Manganese

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Electrolytic Metal Manganese metal with argent gray brownish luster, harder and crisp, melting point 1245 Celsiur degree, baking point 1962 Celsiur degree, with able oxidation-reduction capacity. Specific force is 7.2. In allegory with metal manganese fabricated by electric warming, the electrogenerated metal manganese is of college purity, above superior and added application.


It is mainly acclimated to smeling appropriate SteelAlloy, Nonferrous (Aluminum-mangamese, titanium-manganese, manganese-magnesium Alloys), Stainless steel, Electricla steel. Appropriate animate with low Phosphorus and Carbon. It's aswell acclimated for actinic industry, medicine, food, analyzing, accurate analysis and so on. It's usually packing in metal brazier or adjustable alembic bags.