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Brown corundum function

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Brown corundum is application bauxite, coke ( anthracite ) as the capital raw material, afterwards the top temperature admixture in arc boiler and capital actinic compositions, AL2O3, TiO2 ring absolute a baby bulk of SiO2 and Fe2O3 HV1800-2200, hardness, courage college than SiC, abrasives accoutrement fabricated of it are acceptable for grinding, compactness top metal, such as steel, adaptable casting iron, harder bronze, and aswell can be acclimated in avant-garde adverse material.


Main function:


( 1) due to top temperature, bane resistance, top strength, the use of casting animate sliding gate, admixture of adored metal, appropriate alloy, ceramic, adamant admixture bang boiler lining ( bank and aqueduct ); concrete and actinic containers, atom plug, blaze attrition coating.


( 2 ) as brown corundum has top hardness, acceptable abrasion resistance, top backbone characteristics, in actinic industry, acclimated for a array of acknowledgment argosy and pipelines, actinic pump parts; accouterment locations and apparatus to do, all kinds of mold, such as wire cartoon die, banishment pencil amount die; as the tool, cast cutting materials, bulletproof actual animal physique joint, allowance ring mold, etc..


( 3) corundum careful material, such as corundum, corundum brick alveolate brawl and cilia products, broadly acclimated in all kinds of top temperature boiler boiler bank and roof, both top temperature and thermal insulation. Amber corundum is featured by bogus corundum block, the roller, milling, Barmac accessories processing, atom admeasurement by F8-F325. is mainly acclimated for polishing, grinding, cutting and added industry, aswell according to chump requirements can be washed, acerbic analysis and added methods of processing, to accommodated the altered needs of customers.


Low carbon brown corundum through the boiler and a appropriate action for reprocessing, abate corundum balance carbon content, so that articles in the use of powder, does not burst, courage is annoying annoying industry, adverse actual industry of best of raw materials. Mainly acclimated for bowl abrasive, abrasive, abrasive, high-grade amoebic abrasive, coated abrasives, according to the balance carbon agreeable is disconnected into: Calcined corundum C ≤ 0.05%, low carbon and corundum C ≤ 0.10%, C≤ 0.15% accepted corundum.