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What is Urotropin

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UROTROPIN (hexamethylenetetramine), accepted aswell in the United States beneath the name Uritone, a alleviative alertness due to the activity of ammonia on formaldehyde. It consists of colourless diminutive crystals advisedly acrid in baptize and accepting an acrid reaction. Urotropin is a part of the a lot of able of urinary antiseptics. It was aforetime anticipation that its activity was due to the ambience chargeless of formaldehyde in the urine, but it is now accepted by the researches of P. Cammidge that this is not so. It is acclimated to cede the urine acerbic in cases area it is alkaline, loaded with phosphates or purulent, and is appropriately advantageous in cases of cystitis. It is hardly diuretic. Experimentally it has been apparent to accept a bread-and-butter activity on uric acid, but its activity in this administration in the physique requires confirmation. Urotropin is actual admired in antibacterial the urine of patients who accept suffered from typhoid agitation and appropriately preventing the advance of the ache by what are accepted as "typhoid carriers." Analogous xxv11.26 affairs are cystamine, helmitol and hetralin. Chinotropin is urotropin quinate, and borovertin is urotropin triborate.