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Brown corundum

Product name: Brown corundum Product description: The brown corundum is made of high quliaty of abrasive and alumina as its..

The white jade

Product name: The white jade Product description: The white jade is developed on the basis of brown corudum which is used a..

White corundum

Product name: White corundum Product description: White corundum is made of high quality alumium oxide powder as its raw ma..

Silicon burden

Product name: Silicon burden Product description: Silicon burden have higher refractory performance.Quartz sand are often d..

RS white corundum

Product name: RS white corundum Product description: This company's RS white corundum is made of high qulity bauxite raw..

Semi-crisp corundum

Product name: Semi-crisp corundum Product description: Semi-crisp corundum is a high-quality bauxite as raw material i..

Single-crystal corundum

Product name: Single-crystal corundum Product description: Single-crystal corundum (also known as 32A) is made by ..

Fused Calcium Aluminate

Product name: Fused Calcium Aluminate Product description: Fused Calcium Aluminate (Pre-acting calcium aluminum sl..

Black corundum

Product name: Black corundum Product description: Black corundum, also known as low aluminum corundum, is a new type of cor..


Product name: Spinel Product description: Fused Spinel is the work of purity alumina that the purity is 98.5% and the light burned ..


Product name: Powder Product description: Powder is made of corundum, white corundum, silicon carbon black and green silicon carbid..

Microcrystalline corundum

Product name: Microcrystalline corundum Product description: Microcrystalline corundum is an derived species of b..